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  • Chanel No.5

    Chanel No. 5

    There is probably no more instantly recognizable fragrance than Chanel’s classic Chanel No. 5, which was the first scent produced by the legendary designer in 1921. It’s reported there is a bottle sold every 30 seconds. The classic eau de parfum includes notes of jasmine, neroli, bergamot, sandalwood and vetiver, all contained in a chic clear glass bottle that will probably never change. $85

  • Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

    Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

    There’s not much that’s subtle about this men’s eau de toilette, which features lemon, lavender and pink peppercorn as sensual top notes. It lends to its wearer an air of exotic excitement through deeper rich scents of patchouli, sandalwood, amber and neroli. $57

  • Marc Jacobs Blush eau de parfum

    Marc Jacobs Blush

    Launched in 2004, Marc Jacobs’ Blush eau de parfum spray is a perfect scent for easy daytime or nighttime wear, with nostalgic notes of honeysuckle amid a femme but earthy blend of orange blossom, sandalwood, freesia, musk, wood and nectar. It’s not overpowering enough to announce one’s arrival in the room, but its natural scents play off the skin beautifully. $70

  • Stella McCartney

    Stella McCartney Stella

    Stella McCartney‘s eponymous fragrance is a sensual balance between the freshness of rose and the dark warmth of amber undertones. Accented with peony and mandarin, the designer’s signature scent quickly became a modern classic when it debuted almost a decade ago. $20-$92.