The season’s hottest manicure shade is a sophisticatedly moody metallic

This winter, the chicest nail polish choice is not the typical red, black or gold, but a subtle metallic gunmetal black, says manicurist Jin Soon Choi, whose own Jin Soon Nocturne lacquer perfectly fits the bill. She used the shade on models at Tess Giberson’s Fall/Winter 2014 show to “convey sophisticated elegance,” she says. Additionally, the fashion-y finish “gives your skin a glow.” Bottom line, this off-black color is in.

To an untrained eye, Nocturne (and other similar lacquers such as Essie’s Over the Edge and RGB’s Gunmetal, designed in collab with Reece Hudeson) might just look black. But, says Choi, “it looks more gentle than a straight black polish. It’s an alternative to shiny jet black [because] it isn’t too shiny or metallic, and the subtle metallic touch is more restrained, conveying an elegant appearance.”

The salon and lacquer line namesake emphasizes that the shade goes with any skin tone and fashion style. When wearing it, Choi adds that it’s best suited for a short to medium length nail with a rounded square shape. “It shows a soft yet modern perspective,” she says. “If the length is too long it can be a bit too bold, rendering the appearance unsophisticated.”

And don’t expect this to replace the ever-popular gray and greige shades of past seasons. Instead, “it’s more like they’re segueing toward gray-blacks and gray-whites, elevating them to a higher fashion status because they are more distinctive.” Likewise, Choi feels that her deep turquoise-chrome Heirloom polish has a similar hip and versatile effect.

Indeed, it’s all about subtlety. This says “she’s sophisticated and cool at the same time,” muses Choi.


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