Get in touch with your rebellious side by piling on the mascara in the spirit of statement-making spider lashes

Girls, prepare yourselves: One of this winter’s coolest beauty trends goes against a cardinal rule of makeup. From our very first swipe of mascara we’re taught to carefully avoid clumps. Now, says celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, we’re being asked to purposely clump them up. “I think it’s a fun and slightly irreverent approach to doing your makeup,” says the Reed Clarke founder of the thick, bold, black peepers seen on Prada’s and Versace’s fall runways. “There is so much perfection out there, it’s nice to see something with a bit of a raw edge every once in a while. It also has a ’60s French girl/punk-rock vibe to it, which is a delightful combination.”

So while spidery, thick Tammy Faye Baker lashes may be your worst nightmare, think of this updated version as a playful and dramatic accessory to pull out when the time is right. “I don’t think it’s the look for a corporate job interview or if you’re looking to be a preschool teacher,” says Stiles, “but if you have a creative job it’s OK, and of course, it’s a great look for nighttime.” Better yet, she calls it a great look on all eye shapes and colors.

For one, the heavy lash means you can go light on the rest of the makeup. “What I like about this look is that it defines the eyes without gobs of makeup,” says the beauty guru. “The extra mascara makes it look like you’re wearing eyeliner when you aren’t, and I love that.” Needless to say, expect all attention to be on your eyes—in a good way—once you apply several coats of Stiles’ go-tos: Too Faced Better Than Sex or Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes mascaras.

And while it may seem like there’s no technique needed at all when it comes to thickening up one’s fringe, Stiles reveals that there’s more to it than careless coating. For one, “Using a mascara like Maybelline’s Lash Discovery as a base top and bottom will give you thickness at the roots without adding too much to the tips.” Look for a fluffy mascara wand as opposed to one made of silicon; fiber mascaras also work great. Stiles’ best tip: Fast Lash—“loose fibers you can add to the lashes between coats of mascara.” Or, she says, “dust loose powder onto the lashes to build volume in a pinch.”

Remember, the key is pairing your spider eyes with a pretty, simple face. Adventurous types can try adding a bold lip, says Stiles, but otherwise go nude. That way “it’s not over the top or trying too hard,” she says. The final effect? “You like a little more drama but you aren’t too precious about it.”

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