Start a new season with an adventurous attitude toward fragrance

Donna Karan Black Cashmere Marni Il Profumo

Donna Karan Black Cashmere and Marni Il Profumo are two fragrances well suited for winter

As the seasons change, so do our wardrobes—both apparel and beauty. So should our fragrances, says Trudi Loren, Estee Lauder CompaniesAdonis Golden Ratio  ‘nose,’ aka the SVP of corporate fragrance development. “Winter is the perfect time to try richer, deeper, warmer scents,” she says. “The Oriental family of fragrances which are based around ambers, woods and spices are perfect.”

For this chillier season, she recommends trying out a scent like Donna Karan Black Cashmere, a personal favorite of hers for having “all the right notes of rose, spices and ambers to wrap me in warmth and comfort.” Additionally, she’s a fan of Marni il Profumo for its “woody, spicy structure.” One thing she always gravitates toward is a bit of labdanum, a resin obtained from Mediterranean rockrose shrubs.

When it comes to trends, Loren says there’s currently a greater influence of Middle Eastern and niche fragrances that use oud, amber and incense. And rose, she says, is a classic that will never go out of style. “Rose will always be in fashion, whether it is playing a starring role as we see today or a supporting role within a scent.” Another great wintery note to look out for is musk: “no fragrance would last or linger without the use of it,” says Loren.

Most importantly when switching up scents and experimenting with smells is testing the perfume on your skin. “What may smell beautiful on the blotter or on your friend may not suit you in the same way,” says Loren, “so try it on your skin and live with it a while to be sure.”