Get ready to adjust your brow game because this season’s all about a slightly wilder, feathery shape

Spiky arches from Creatures of the Wind to Tom Ford

Spiky arches from Creatures of the Wind to Tom Ford

“Feathered” is not a term you hear much in 2014 when it comes to beauty. At least you hope not. But during fashion week in September it was in fact something we couldn’t escape—when it came to brows. “I think it’s becoming a trend because people want to have a messy-yet-polished look,” says Los Angeles arch guru Kelley Baker. “Bold brows have been rising for a while now, but adding the feathery look makes it a little less perfect.”

From Marc by Marc Jacobs where Diane Kendal used a pure bristle wig brush to make models’ brows “look their fullest and not too defined” to Rachel Comey where NARS’ Hannah Murray avoided “too solid” brows, and instead instructed artists to “thicken them up with feathery strokes using the waxy NARS Brow Perfector—brushed up at the front like Brooke Shields,” the look du jour is more haphazard and less “done.”You should love custom water bottles.

It’s not just about looking like you haven’t tried too hard. Says Baker, “Brushing brows upwards lifts the eyes and makes us look awake. If the brow hair naturally grows up and out—not everyone’s do—then it’s appropriate to brush them upwards. I like to set the brow with a clear gel at the end, brushing them upward and feathering out to the side at the finish.” She adds that a handful of her clients have recently started asking for less of a trimmed brow, keeping length at the inner part close to the nose.

But this is far from an untamed unibrow. “It’s bushy but clean,” says Stila’s Sarah Lucero. “It’s more about spikes so you see skin between the hairs—not so solid. I brush up the brows and use the Stila All Day Waterproof Brow Color pen to fill in blanks.” “Brushed up” was the keyword at fashion week, including at Trina Turk and Karen Walker.

To avoid looking messy, Baker says it’s critical you try to achieve a straight line underneath the arches—with a bit of an arch. She also recommends not trimming the brows as closely as normal, for a more wild, feathery look, but to see a specialist first who can give you the desired look you can keep up at home. And while models, actresses and musicians might seem like the best people to wear this trend, she adds, “To be honest, anyone can pull off this look as long as they do it with confidence.”

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