Let your sartorial preferences—from downtown cool to Aspen chic to bohemian—guide you to the perfect fragrances

“I work with so many people who experience a fragrance and say they love it but could never wear it: ‘too daring’ or ‘too masculine,’ etc. People also choose fragrance based on name and description before they even experience that scent,” says Anne Sanford, creator of New York’s Lurk perfume oils. “I love it when people break out of their box a bit and go for something different and unique—it builds confidence and self-exploration.”

In the interest of giving “a person’s individual style and persona more dimension,” we asked Sanford to break down a few types of fashionable aesthetics into the notes they should smell for when selecting their next fragrance. There’s something for everyone, from “classic types who gravitate toward a beautiful floral,” to edgier scents that evoke spirits like whiskey, gin and rum. After all, says Sanford, “when we think about a person’s style many times we think about how they smell.”

New Bohemian
The look: “The new bohemian is all about that killer mix of earthy—floaty but sophisticated maxis, amazing printed mini bucket bags channeling North Africa—with uber luxe (think Kimberly McDonald cuffs) and that goes for fragrances too.”
The notes: “She’s drawn to scents that are deep but never heavy and have a serious wanderlust vibe. Ingredients to look for: jasmin sambac, davana, deep Bulgarian rose, Indian sandalwood, rosewood, palo santo, frankincense, new ambers and pink lotus. The ideal fragrance is a complex blend of global notes.”
The scents: Lurk PRJ V1, La Bella Figura Barcelona, Byredo Flowerhead

Downtown Cool
The look:Leather jackets always, bags with fringe. Alexander Wang devotees who like their fashion a bit gritty but with a deliberate quality that’s polished and unique. A bit androgynous but sexy nonetheless.”
The notes: “Fragrance types tend to straddle that masculine/feminine line: Juicy florals with a darker quality (think iris and violet leaf) blended with tobacco, myrrh, crisp citrus notes, spicy black and pink pepper. These scents are never heavy or cloying, just edgy, a bit risky and always evoking curiosity.”
The scents: Odin Seylon, Ulrich Lang Nightscape, Lurk TBP V1

The look: “It’s all about tailoring, cashmere and the Chloe Dree satchel—the draw is to elegant beauty that never goes out of style.”
The notes: “The first fragrances I think of are Chanel No. 5 and Joy. Fragrances with more heady florals are on point for this look, such as gardenia and jasmin grandiflorum as well as soft orientals. Look for neroli—the new hot white flower—softer more watery rose essences, bergamot, soft clove or light spicy notes to round out the florals.”
The scents: Rodin Bis, Lurk RSW005, Nasomatto Narcotic V.

Prep 2.0
The look: “The new prep feels more sophisticated. A plaid trench from McQ is amazing with a kick-ass pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim loafers—polished.”
The notes: “Look for effortlessly cool notes of vetiver, bergamot, lemon and juniper berry (notes of gin). The new prep gravitates towards clean scents that are never contrived but are a bit cleaner and natural.”
The scents: Lurk BS 003, DS & Durga Italian Citrus, Creed Baie de Genievre

Aspen Chic
The look: “This is Ralph Lauren all the way—think hand-knit serape cardigans. This person is outdoorsy and still loves fashion and is a bit of a risk-taker as well.”
The notes: “Notes that go great with this look are cedarwood and cocoa absolute blended with more herbaceous scents like lavender and sage. There’s a fiery, smoky quality to look for here as well, think woodsy, sexy and modern.”
The scents: Comme des Garcons x Monocle Hinoki, Forager Botanicals Woodland, Lurk AS 01

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