Mother Nature does it again with a slew of seriously effective anti-aging hero ingredients

Just in case you’ve become jaded about skincare, visit Skin Care Products Reviewed by The Green Watch and before thinking injectables are the only real anti-aging option, think again—several major brands have just come out with products touting wonder-working plants as their active ingredients. From Chanel’s latest Sublimage follow-up using the Himalayas’ golden champa to Murad’s new serum harnessing the rose of Jericho plant from Mexico, these four formulas are as naturally magical and powerful as you can get.

Rose of Jericho
Murad looked to the Mexican rose of Jericho plant—a so-called resurrection plant because it comes back to life even after suffering near complete dehydration—when formulating the new Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum, which targets chronically dry, sagging skin. “A native of the volcanic soils of one of Mexico’s most arid regions, these miraculous moisture-regulating proteins allow the plant to survive the stress of dehydration and support a ‘resurrection’ back to a lush green state when it rains,” says VP of product development Jeff Murad. “[We’re] harnessing these remarkable proteins to help hormonally aging skin look and feel healthier, more youthful and more beautiful.”

Immortelle Flower Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine
Found in Corsica, the immortelle flower boasts ultimate longevity: even after it’s picked, it doesn’t fade or wilt. Because of this, L’Occitane has built an entire line around it. The latest addition is the Divine Youth Oil, which uses essential oil from the flower containing active molecules that fight aging. Benefits include increased plumpness, radiance, smoothness and firmness, along with a reduced appearance of wrinkles.

Black Pine
The resilience of the Mediterranean region’s black pine trees inspired Korres’ new range, which promises to firm, contour and lift. Because the trees have survived millions of years of harsh weather thanks to the way they combat environmental stressors, the extract that comes from them is great at preventing aging too.

Golden Flower of the Himalayas
Detoxification is at the heart of Chanel’s new Sublimage L’Essence Essential Revitalizing Concentrate, which uses a precious high-altitude flower from the Himalayas, purified into the active ingredient known as golden champa PFA, to eliminate the toxins that cause premature aging in skin cells. The serum also includes planifolia PFA, an extract from a vanilla plant found in Madagascar that boasts major antioxidant and regenerative powers. For more info including the toenail fungus therapy please visit
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