Mixology isn’t only for cocktails. Learn to create custom colors and formulas by blending shades and products like a pro

Beautyblender's Surface Pro palette

Beautyblender’s Surface Pro palette

There are women who apply makeup in the most straightforward way possible: straight from the tube to lips, from pencil to eye. Then there are those who get a little messy, wiping lipsticks and glosses on the backs of their hands to blend a new shade, or mixing a drop of serum with a dollop of foundation and a dash of highlighter for a super glowy complexion. For the latter, Beautyblender—the creator of that makeup artist-favorite little egg-shaped pink sponge—has created a new must-have tool: the Sur.face Pro.

Creator Rea Ann Silva came up with the clear palette that allows for blending, experimenting and storing new potions. “In the beginning stages, I envision women starting to use it to color-match their foundation,” she says. “Then I see them becoming more creative: mixing lip colors, highlighters, eye colors—anything really. The possibilities are endless.”

At its simplest, the Sur.face Pro is where you can blend foundations, BB creams and concealers to ensure the color perfectly matches your ever-changing skin tone. “Generally speaking, women just want to look pretty, and that means having a natural foundation,” says Silva. “Women know their skin color changes throughout the seasons, but they think the solution is just buying another shade when, in reality, most women can’t buy their exact shade any time of the year.”

Additionally, she says, “makeup with skincare ingredients, like BB or CC creams, have become popular. As makeup artists we have always added in moisturizers and SPFs to our makeup, but now women understand this process better and may want to do it for themselves.”

First, Silva suggests “downloading” your existing makeup from its packaging onto the Sur.face Pro workspace. (“You’ll find it’s a lot better than the back of your hand.”) Then play. Add a moisturizer and SPF to your foundation to create a BB or CC cream. Or mix liquid foundation and concealer for full-coverage face and body makeup. Blend primer and foundation for a one-step makeup application.

Then use your imagination, or the below recipes for some of Silva’s favorite blends:

lipstick + lip gloss = full coverage glossy lips
cream blush + powder shimmer = glowing blush
lipstick + foundation = cream blush
long-wear foundation + shimmer + body creme or lotion = body shimmer
foundation + SPF = tinted moisturizer
eye cream + SPF + concealer = protective under-eye coverage
lipstick + lip balm = tinted balm

The palette’s perks, she says, are different for everyone. Some will use it to “create the perfect shade, others to extend the life of existing products and others to get really creative and make totally custom new colors for themselves.” And it’s key as the seasons change: Stretch the life of summer and winter products by blending them as your skin tans or fades. As for Silva’s favorite combo, she won’t choose. “I love mixing all types of makeup,” she says. “That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child—impossible question.”

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