Channel singer Lorde with her upcoming MAC collaboration and a few expert tips

New Zealand’s teen phenom vocalist Lorde hasn’t just taken the airwaves by storm—her distinct freeflowing curls and goth-ish makeup choices have made an impact in the beauty world. So it makes sense MAC would scoop her up for a limited-edition collaboration comprising a Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black and, of course, lipstick in Pure Heroine, named for her breakout album. The MAC Lorde collection doesn’t hit stores until June 5, but since we can’t wait to rock the deep berry-hued lippy, we asked MAC senior artist Caroline Donnelly for some tips in advance.

“Lorde’s look is somewhat gothic-inspired, but teamed with the modern skin and application style it’s gothic at its most ladylike and elegant,” says Donnelly. “It’s a fresh and new feeling.” In other words, those who don’t associate themselves with these dark shades can also dip a toe in and try it out. “The lipstick can be strong and confident, some may even say daring when worn at its fullest coverage,” says the artist. “Or it can be patted onto the lip to give a berry stain that looks very romantic. I love this lipstick as it has enough pigment and character that anyone can carry it off.”

The key to rocking a deep summer lip is natural, perfect-looking skin (which doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be perfect). “A sheen to the skin keeps it looking very now and compliments the darker shades you are adding to the features when wearing this collection,” says Donnelly. MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance is a primer that illuminates the complexion while controlling oil—she suggests deeper skin tones use the Radiant Yellow shade and lighter tones use the Radiant Pink. In addition, use a foundation or tinted moisturizer that is a bit glowy, and use powder only where needed.

And though the dark hues may make one think winter, “A strong lip and liner is perfect for a summer day as they are the areas we don’t worry about being affected by the natural ‘glow’ we get on our skin this time of year,” says Donnelly. “In fact, this seasonal glow adds to the look and helps make it appear cool, effortless and confident”—just like Lorde herself.

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