New cosmetics line Nudestix makes the perfectly imperfect as easy as 1, 2, 3

Nudestix concealers and lip/cheek pencils

Nudestix concealers and lip/cheek pencils

We can’t get enough of chubby pencils. From lips to eyes, they  make applying makeup a cinch. So it’s no surprise we’re stoked about a new full-range makeup line debuting at Space NK in mid-May that only makes chubbies: Nudestix. “Our directions for use are simple,” says Nudestix founder Jenny Frankel. “Just ‘draw and smudge.’ This generation wants easy—no artistic tools. Brushes are expensive, require skill and make the makeup look too precise. It was also very important to develop a portable product that you can apply on the go—no packaging complexity or bulk of compacts.”

Frankel, a chemical engineer with 20 years of beauty experience under her belt—she started developing formulas for MAC cosmetics, then in 2000 co-created Cover FX—found inspiration for Nudestix at home from her two teenage model/muse daughters, Ally and Taylor. “I realized this millennial generation shops beauty like they shop fashion, as a part of their lifestyle, attitude and personality. This generation wants fast, easy, natural, barely there, quirky, slept-in effortless looks that help their personality show through,” notes Frankel of what marks young women’s modern approach to makeup. And even though her daughters wear many faces in front of the camera, in everyday life “they go for all-out natural, opting for that barely there look with only a touch of color to accentuate their finest features. They want to look like themselves, not wear a mask, and be a better version. The millennial beauty celebrates her individuality—natural and effortlessly unique.”

As part of this easy approach to makeup, the straightforward, no-fuss products are multipurpose—a luminous eyeshadow can double as a natural highlighter, concealer as a base for shadow; the colored pencils are also specifically designed as both lip color and blush. Says Frankel, “We made [the lip/cheek pencils] two-in-one because we believe that the perfect Nudestix look has the monochromatic lip and cheek to add harmony, balance and neutrality to the face. We made it so easy!” Plus, the formulas glide on smoothly, melt into the skin and don’t cake throughout the day.

And Nudestix only makes neutrals. “‘Nude’ in Nudestix represents all shades of neutral for all skin tones,” continues Frankel. “The girls only wear all shades of neutral; every shade that we developed was based on only shades that they would wear in everyday life.” Although for the Frankels, ‘neutral’ doesn’t always mean a shade of brown—the brand is launching Lip Pens in fall (in matte and gloss finishes), which will also be able to be used for cheeks, although are more pigmented than the pencils. Deep red and burgundy also count as ‘neutrals’ for the Nudestix team. “The girls believe that wearing a dark lip is enough of a statement, so the shade must be neutral, matte and the imperfect-perfect application.”

While the line might be inspired by millennials, its formulas and ‘go nude’ approach actually works for women of all ages. “As we age, less makeup is definitely more,” says Frankel. “Hence our neutral color palette is ideal. Nudestix will add luminousity and definition and never mask or look garish. Since Nudestix pencils have a luminous cream base, they also make skin look younger—no drying powders to accentuate lines.” Pencil us in!