The stage and screen actress shares her no-nonsense beauty routine that keeps her looking her best for her challenging roles

Tanna FrederickMorning routine:
I wish I could say I wash my face in the morning but I’m usually out running or surfing then have to rush to a meeting or audition, so I’ll use either nothing at all (bad girl, I should be using sunscreen—but I do slather zinc on when I surf and Neutrogena 100 spray when I run) or just throw this homemade honey moisturizer I found in Oahu on my T-zone. I don’t wear mascara or blush or any makeup during the day if I don’t have to—I’m too low maintenance for that. Or lazy. But I just figure my face is what it is and people can see me, lines and all, as long as it’s not too offensive to them.

Overnight skin ritual:
I’m much into taking Darphin or any kind of skincare products and just throwing it on my face at night. I try to just see what my face feels like… Because I’m filming or on stage so much, I think sometimes my skin just wants to balance itself out naturally so I’ll listen to that cue and leave it be. Or sometimes I’ll put on something with gold flakes in it—my skin responds well to that—all over. And I always (embarrassingly enough) wear my retainer faithfully since I had my braces removed in 8th grade. Big nerd.

Who cuts/colors your hair:
I have Michael Petrelli do my color, he’s been my main man for a decade now—he knows how to handle red hair… Recently I played Lucille Ball and he’s fresh yet old school enough that he was able to hook me up with her original formula.

I’m diligent with getting trims with Monica, my hair cutter, because I’m trying to grow my hair longer and she’s fantastic with trimming for grow-outs. And with my hair being constantly styled and done for shoots/plays/films it’s necessary to get the nasty dead ends off.

Hair habit:
Dove conditioner. I’ve tried every expensive conditioner in the book. But in the end, my hair can’t be calmed down unless I leave Dove Intensive Repair in after I shower.

Favorite eye look:
My favorite mascara is YSL—it’s thick and rich and I just put one coat on my upper lashes if I have a meeting, and that’s the only makeup I’ll use for the day.

Go-to lipstick:
My mom always bugs me about wearing lipstick, always wants more color. But my lips are huge so I just use some sort of gloss that’s clear like Neutrogena or as my BFF turned me on to Mary Kay.

Nail color of the moment:
Ugly and horrible. I’ve been running a play for a year where I play a ‘spinster’ in the Dust Bowl era. Our final performance was the 22nd so I’m stoked to get a mani/pedi with gel because that’s the only thing that stays on with all the sports I do.

Signature scent:
Bulgari Jasmin Noir.

“Never without” product:
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

Secret to staying young and beautiful:
Laughter and love.

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