Beauty Bloggers’ Best Tricks

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By Syden Arbenica

Top online gurus share their go-to strategies for great hair, glowing skin and magnificent makeup. Thanks, ladies!…

Pop Pimples the Smart Way: “If you really must pop a zit, follow with a swipe of witch hazel on a cotton pad to kill bacteria, then ice it for 10 minutes.” —Kathryn Romeyn

Don’t Toss that Face Cream: “If a moisturizer you splurged on is too heavy for your face, relegate it to foot duty! Slater it on heels before bed and you’ll wake up so soft.” —Alexis Johnson

Topcoat Your Decals: “When I opt for nail stickers, I always seal them with a clear topcoat covering the tip of the nail, too. It discourages edges from peeling, makes the decals last longer and gives an authentic painted-on look (so you can pretend you have crazy nail skills!).” —Kathryn Romeyn