This month, join Neutrogena Naturals and Kristen Bell in saving one million gallons of water by changing your beauty habits

We’ll admit it: Staying beautiful (inside and out!) takes a lot of work. From serums and tools to the essentials like washing your face and hair, we need everything at our disposal—and some days, even a magic wand—to help us primp and preen. But this October we’re partnering with Neutrogena and Neutrogena Naturals brand ambassador Kristen Bell in the “Every Drop Counts” campaign, an initiative that encourages us all to use water wisely, especially when it comes to our beauty routines. (Did you know that by cutting your shower time from 7.5 minutes to 5 minutes, you alone would save approximately a whopping 80 gallons of water a week?!) Learn more by reading these lastest water softener reviews by watersoftenermaestro.

Beginning today, as Bell kicks off the campaign with a volunteer cleanup at LA’s Ballona Wetlands—some of the city’s most important ecological area—we too will be making concerted efforts to be water conscious. Neutrogena Naturals will be focused on that initiative as well, partnering for the third year with The Nature Conservancy (the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters) to help ensure clean water is available to those who need it.

Through October 31, Neutrogena is contributing 10 percent of the purchase price of each Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser sold to The Nature Conservancy. Plus, if you take the pledge to adopt simple water-conserving efforts, you’ll be automatically entered to win a luxury green spa trip in Napa Valley, as well as weekly eco giveaways. So far, Neutrogena has helped save more than 125,000 gallons of water. We’re all for helping them reach their goal of saving one million gallons of H2O this month!


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