Founder of one of LA’s favorite cold-pressed juiceries, Moon Juice, the all-natural stunner shares her current beauty must-haves—and, yes, it includes green juice!

Amanda Chantal BaconMorning routine:
I don’t wash my face in the morning, I believe in utilizing the oils the skin produced overnight. Instead I rinse my face with warm water and spray a homemade mixture of rose and primrose oils with witch hazel. Then I’ll dab a bit of coconut oil on my lips and eyes. I almost never wear makeup!

Overnight skin ritual:
I wash my face with a Dead Sea mineral bar soap and exfoliate with a papaya enzyme. My little secret is to buy the papaya in pill form and crush them into a paste that I massage all over my face. It acts like a mechanical exfoliation, breaking down and removing any dead skin cells. I apply a raw, organic shea butter [Moon Juice will be launching this soon!] as an overnight moisturizer.

Who cuts/colors your hair:
Juvencio Jimenez cuts my hair… my color is au naturel.

Hair habit:
I only use organic products on my hair. The scalp is such a portal of health, anything you put on your head seeps into the bloodstream. I’ll use a gentle, natural shampoo from John Masters and shea butter a few times a week as a leave-in conditioner. On shampooing days off, I might spritz some of the rose primrose witch hazel concoction on my ends.

Favorite eye look:
Natural, glowing whites of the eye—it’s an indication of overall health.

Go-to lipstick:
Earth tu Face Geranium Balm.

Nail color of the moment:
Buffed, healthy nails.

Signature scent:
Rose and sandalwood essential oils that I mix.

“Never without” product:
Moon Juice’s Shilajit.

Secret to staying young and beautiful:
Green juice and love.

Visit Amanda at Moon Juice in Venice or Silverlake.