Welcome to the next frontier in nail art: gorgeous manicures inspired by real art, translated from paint to pinkies by Nailing Hollywood’s Stephanie Stone and Karen Gutierrez

We’ve seemingly seen it all with nail art in the past couple of years—fresh takes on classic styles, every applique and texture imaginable, and designs based on everything from runway fashion and puddles of oil to cartoon characters and tribal patterns. But what we felt just begged to be re-created on that tiny but ever-so-statement-making surface was art. Real, acclaimed artwork. So we consulted with two insanely talented nail stylists—Stephanie Stone and Karen Gutierrez of Nailing Hollywood—and sent them on an inspired mission: to recreate iconic works by artists ranging from pop-art star Andy Warhol to modern-day envelope-pusher Damien Hirst to midcentury abstractionists Mark Rothko and Josef Albers. Talk about museum-worthy!

Photographer: Raquel Olivo. Hand model: Ashley Frey. Nail stylists: Stephanie Stone and Karen Gutierrez of Nailing Hollywood.

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