Candy Paint, LA’s new nail-art mecca, gives us an on-trend leopard nail art DIY to try at home!

Candy Paint's Glitter Leopard Nail Art DIYWe asked the geniuses at Candy Paint, LA’s newest ode to all things fantastic and creative in nail art, to come up with an easy nail art DIY for us, and we couldn’t be more excited to try this ourselves! This glitter-leopard mani was created by Yoko Sakakura, the Japanese nail artist who teamed up with one of our favorite jet-setting bloggers, Aureta Thomollari, and her friend, jewelry designer Melody Ehsani, to create the world’s first nail art (and nail wrap!) studio.

“Very few prints stand the test of time, and leopard is one of them,” says Thomollari. “It is timeless and can be worn year-round because you can always change the base color. In this case it is brown, but it could be any color such as red or baby blue, yellow or hot pink. The combinations are endless. And glitter is the epitome of fun—really, what’s better than sparkling nails?”

Candy Paint, 424 1/2 N. Fairfax Ave., LA, 323-272-3930

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