The green celebrity manicurist who has worked with everyone from Drew Barrymore and Cindy Crawford to Rachel McAdams and Keira Knightley shares her own tips for an easy-to-keep-up beauty routine

Green Celebrity Manicurist Jenna HippMorning routine:  
John Masters Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Face Wash in the morning with my all natural Tom’s toothpaste is like a vaporizer pen and coffee. They just go together. I can’t wait for the naturally fresh taste to start my day as well as a quick rinse on my face with Bearberry foam face wash. It’s oil controlling, so it’s perfect for keeping skin balanced throughout the day—especially in the t-zone area.


Overnight skin ritual:
Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser used to be my morning ritual until I discovered how incredible it was at removing makeup and preparing my skin for a night of rest.  I mean…. you’ve never felt skin so soft. And delicious! (It’s naturally derived from sugar and I can’t help from sneaking a little taste.)  Honestly, the best scrub on the market—you’ll be shocked at it’s strength, foaming power and the lovely scent, of course.  A little lemony…  Yum. My moisturizer is 100% argan oil. I’m not strict with the brand—right now, it’s John Masters Organics as well. (The bottles look so pretty together!)

Who cuts/colors your hair:  
Her name is Laura Dorpat. She specializes in “bangs and blondes,” and she is literally amazing. The BEST hairstylist/colorist in THE WORLD!!! Though she has a steady gig at Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica, be sure to make an appointment because she’s not always there.  Now that Natalie Portman is her client, she’s a LOT harder to get to. But trust me, it’s worth the wait.


Hair habit:  
Dr. Hauschka’s Neem Hair Oil. It’s a little strange the first time—adding straight oil to your dry scalp—but it’s amazing at strengthening my fine hair and damaged bits. All the shine without all the chemicals. Love that.


Favorite eye look:
I’m a fan of a little mascara, no matter what. Having blonde eyelashes that otherwise look nonexistent, I appreciate a good, long lash. I told my business partner, Vanessa,  she’s not allowed to come to work without mascara because I’m so obsessed with staring at her abnormally long lashes that remind me of daddy long legs.  I’m jealous and I like her to rub it in.


Go-to lipstick:
Ilia Crimson and Clover is the red you’ve been looking for and the one everyone will be asking you, ‘What is that red? I need to get that!’ Best of all, it’s derived from organic ingredients you don’t have to feel bad about (no lead, ladies!), and the coverage and color is buildable so you can control the intensity—and the look—which to me, is a very valuable advantage. Need blush? Works great for rosy cheeks, too!

Nail color of the moment:
I’m super excited about the new technology of the moment more than the color.  Why choose just one? NCLA nail wraps make it so easy to apply impressive nail art without the hassle, dry time, or inconvenience of application. Top with a shiny topcoat and you will not be able to keep your eyes off your nails.  And better than the two week or more staying power, it removes without nail polisher remover.

Signature scent:
H. Gillerman Organics aromatherapy oils throughout the day. My favorites as far as scent are Muscle Remedy, Travel Remedy and Tension Remedy. The benefits of the blends are so apparent and instant when you breathe them in. It’s probably why I get a LOT of hugs.

“Never without” product:
Again, H, Gillerman aromatherapy oils, hands down.  These oils, or blends, are so much more than you can imagine. They heal, they soothe, they comfort, they relax, they DO EVERYTHING! And how do they do that?  Because they change your mood. Simply put, a good mood = a great day. I like great days.

Secret to staying young and beautiful:
Surrounding myself with women I respect, who know a lot more than I do and who aren’t afraid to tell me how I could be better.
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