Three facial oil aficionados and creators of their own formulations—Linda Rodin, Kristie Streicher and Munemi Imai—share the impetus and inspiration behind their signature products

Linda Rodin, creator of Olio Lusso and NY-based fashion stylist, former model and editor
Olio Lusso includes oils like jasmine, sweet almond, apricot seed, jojoba, evening of primrose, rose hip, arnica, calendula, neroli, sunflower and argan. What is so special about these ingredients? I had always used different oils for different things that I had collected from my travels, so I decided to just try to mix them together. They all have wonderful properties that affect one’s skin in positive ways.
What was your goal with creating it? I couldn’t find anything I loved on the market, so I made my own… It was really a selfish endeavor. I just wanted something for myself and the products seemed to appeal to so many others.
At what point in your regimen do you use it? It is all I use. I cleanse my face with a soon-to-be-released Rodin facial cleanser, then, on a still-moist face, I put on my face oil. Done! In the morning I rinse my face with warm water, pat dry and use Rodin Olio Lusso again.
Who do you recommend use it? I think it is for anyone—lots of men are addicted to it, too. I think it is a personal thing. But dry skin, like mine, adores it.
What are the results you see? Personally, I can see my skin more radiant and supple. I will be 65 in March and my skin looks dewy and soft.
What would you say to someone wary to use a facial oil? Give it a try. I have several clients with oily skin, even acne, who swear by it.

Kristie Streicher, creator of Afore Oil and LA- and NY-based eyebrow specialist and makeup artist
What led you to create Afore Oil? Because I’ve always believed tweezing is more precise and less invasive than waxing, I created Afore Oil to massage on the eyebrow muscle and temples to relax and calm the skin and tension of clients. It not only softens the hair, but also the hair follicle allowing hair to be easily pulled. The blend of calming essential oils is also great after brow shaping as the skin and hair is left soft and shiny and the client is relaxed.
How did you decide on your ingredients? I wanted to use an oil that was non-comedogenic and didn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. Argan oil is not only incredibly fast-absorbing and light but also is loaded with vitamin E, so it’s great to use on skin traumas to prevent scarring and is incredibly healing.
What about the essential oils in the formula? I studied aromatherapy for years and would use essential oils in all my treatments. I use a blend of lavender, ylang ylang, citrus, patchouli and blue tansy oils in an argan oil base.
At what point in your regimen do you use it? Before shaping and after tinting.
Who do you recommend use it? Everyone and anyone. I have pretty dry skin and smaller pores, too. I like the sheen it provides and I always layer it on a makeup-free face when I fly. I land with hydrated, glowing skin.
What would you say to someone wary to use a facial oil? I tell people even with oilier skin types to try it at night or before flying to protect against free-radical damage and dry airplane air.

Munemi Imai, creator of Mun No.1 Aknari and NY-based makeup artist
What gave you the idea for Mun No.1 Aknari oil? A couple of years ago, I got really sick and didn’t feel well for a few weeks. After reviewing and editing my diet, I instantly began to feel better. I started reading a lot about the toxins we consume; I learned we absorb trace amounts of anything we apply to our skin. Upon realizing many mainstream products contain harmful ingredients, I bought natural plant and essential oils and started mixing my own skincare at home.
What are the ingredients? We have only three: Prickly pear seed oil, argan oil and rose essential oil. A homeopathic pharmacist introduced me to prickly pear seed oil when I took my first research trip to Morocco. After I returned to New York City, I started using it daily and noticed immediate results. I learned it works well with argan oil so that became the second ingredient, and we added rose oil for its benefits and for the beautiful smell.
What’s so special about prickly pear seed oil? It’s one of the most precious plant oils in the world; its hands-on extraction process is extremely meticulous—1,500 pounds of prickly pear fruit is needed to produce one liter of the rare oil. It’s exceptionally rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that helps prevent skin from free radicals. Its inherent anti-aging benefits help reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent premature wrinkles. Additionally it moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes and softens skin, reduces redness, sunspots and other scars and brightens dark under-eye circles. It truly makes for a multitasking product that you can use on your skin, nails and hair.
At what point in your regimen do you use it? I recommend using it as a moisturizer on damp skin. We market the product for nighttime because it’s best to use at night when the skin is regenerating. That said, many clients use it during the day and as a prep product before makeup.
Who should use it? Anyone that is interested in using organic, safe products with anti-aging benefits. And it’s absolutely perfect for people who like to keep their beauty regimen simple. Mun users span all ethnicities, ages and skin types, including sensitive skin, but I recommend a quick patch test to make sure it works for you.
What would you say to people wary of using a facial oil? It’s a new product category for many women so I suggest they start by using a small amount in specific areas, like on scars. Oil is the most natural form of skincare, and despite the mental image many people have of it being thick and greasy, it actually absorbs quickly.

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