As the barely-there brow look continues to chug on, we ask one arch ace whether it’s really got legs

It may have first started to pop up at spring runway shows (Bottega Veneta and Rodarte) a whopping six seasons ago, but it seems peroxide-treated eyebrows are not fading as quickly as most trends, beauty or otherwise. There’s controversy, sure—Carine Roitfeld, former Vogue Paris editor and now editor of CR Fashion Book, recently said bleaching brows “make [her] crazy.” Yet it’s still happening abundantly in the fashion world even this fall. But, what works on Lara Stone doesn’t always work on us.

“I think the bleached brow look is definitely an editorial and runway look,” says arch tamer Kelley Baker, owner of Kelley Baker Brows in Venice. “Bleached brows for an everyday look is a little too much because it washes out your face and doesn’t add any emphasis.” Only those who are super pale, with bleached blonde or light blonde hair, are truly aesthetically suited for the style. Although, she suggests someone who “goes against the grain and is not afraid to be different would rock the look.”

For those bold, rebellious, experimental types considering taking your visage to an alien-esque place, first comtemplate the upkeep. “I’d say you have to retouch them every two weeks, and it will take about 25-30 minutes to bleach them, if not more. And they will probably turn a little yellow or have an orange tint to them and not look very natural,” says Baker. “But then again, bleached brows aren’t natural.”

For those who don’t want to make a full commitment but are curious, there’s just lightening the brow a bit a la J Lo years back, or faking it with concealer that you apply then brush and blend with a mascara wand over the brow. But Baker’s of the mind this fall most everyone will be leaning toward deepening the tone of their arches. “Darker brows are becoming more popular and will continue to grow more popular,” she says. The other trend she’s spotting: colored brows, done in shades like pink or blue using colored mascara. No one could say there’s no emphasis there!