This season, update your hairstyle with celeb-inspired fringe

There are many things about our manes that change from season to season—stick-straight or beachy waves, bobs or pixies—but in that unpredictable world, one thing’s certain: “Bangs seem to have a resurgence in the fall and winter because people are ready for a new style without the commitment of changing their hair too much,” says Tina Dizon, owner of The Private Room salon in Beverly Hills, where she recently debuted her ingenious The Bang Station. Her new concept is a Dry Bar-esque one-stop-shop for all styles of celeb- and runway-inspired fringe.

Her reasons for the debut also go back to the catwalk. “I noticed designers were adding more style around the face; bangs are one of fall’s greatest accessories to the hair.” Additionally, she cringes at the thought of women making at-home bang cuts that go awry. A fringe can definitely bring about big changes, but it should always be tailored to your face shape, hair texture and current style.

“Oval is the most flexible of all the face shapes and is versatile enough for any of the [The Bang Station’s seven] bang style options,” says Dizon. She also calls The Starlet (full fringe à la Reese Witherspoon) the most timeless, classic style that is seen most on the street and works on most face shapes. To get down to the nitty gritty, Dizon recommends short, heavy, straight Cleopatra bangs (think Rose Byrne) for round and heart-shaped faces; try Cameron Diaz’s long side-swept bangs (The Flirt) if you have a square or rectangular face—“it offsets angular lines.” Long wispy bangs in the style of Jen Aniston (The Fringe), flatters square or long faces best, while short, Emma Watson-inspired bangs (The Pixie) are great on a heart or oval shape. Also great on ovals (and round faces, too) is the full, long, sexy Bombshell bang (think J Lo), while the same shapes also look great with a jagged somewhat choppy Rockstar style inspired by Katie Holmes.

But while the ease and convenience of the station may make it seem like an easy move, there are some considerations to think about. “The commitment of a bang depends on the style chosen,” says Dizon, meaning the grow-out period and upkeep is determined by how high maintenance (Cleopatra) or versatile (Flirt) they are. Also, keep in mind styling needs. “It’s important to use the right tools for your hair texture and style and to dry your bangs first before styling the rest of the hair.” One more boon: “In certain instances, bangs can actually mask the regrowth of hair color, especially for someone who has a few grays.” The perfect fall pick-me-up.