For a fun, graphic, color-blocked manicure this fall, take inspiration from the modern master

Mondrian-inspired nail art tutorial

Make your nails into art with this Mondrian-inspired manicure. Photos courtesy of Raquel Olivo

In the last couple years, nail art has evolved away from elaborate pink, girly bows and rhinestones to being very fashion-influenced. And with fall’s focus on prints and graphics, there’s no better time to take a cue from Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, whose style focused on a grid of primary colored squares on a white background. Cloutier Remix celebrity manicurist Tracey Sutter, whose CV includes doing the nails of almost every celebs you can think of (including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Mary J. Blige and Vanessa Paradis) and painting masterpieces for publications like W, Vanity Fair, Elle and V, translated Mondrian’s signature style into the below DIY. In a few easy steps—make sure you have a black nail art pen in your stable!—and with any bold, vibrant colors you like, you too can rock your own mini works of art.

1. Apply a base coat and paint nails white. Let them dry completely before using a black nail art pen to draw stripes as shown above. Says Sutter: “Nothing is right or wrong—it’s whatever makes you feel good.”

2. Add one color—in this case, red, but feel free to personalize it with any colors you like—to a square on each nail using a small, angled brush.

3. Add a second color to a square on each nail.

4. Add one more color to different squares. “It doesn’t matter if you go over the line, but not too much.”

5. Make the lines bolder by going over them again with the pen and also color in one to two squares with the pen to make the other colors really pop.

6. After letting the nails dry thoroughly, add a topcoat.

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