Create some serious impact for your peepers by lining your waterline

The concept of lining not just the top of the eyelid, but the inner bottom waterline, is nothing new. But it’s not quite as simple as grabbing whatever eyeliner is handy and swiping it on. “A woman should consider the desired effect she wants from lining her waterline—[whether] she wants to create big bright eyes or smoldering sexy eyes,” says Rimmel London contributing makeup artist Erica Whelan. “Lining with a nude, light blue or white eyeliner, such as Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Pure White, will open up the eye area, neutralize redness and give a more awake appearance to the eyes. Black, navy, forest green or deep purple liner gives the opposite effect—it makes the eyes appear smaller.” Those with wide-set eyes can benefit from the latter method, à la Brandy, as it “gives off an intense, seductive effect.”

Another consideration is whether or not your eyes can handle it. “Women who tear up easily anytime they apply eye shadow or mascara should avoid this look, [since] due to the excess water, your liner would be constantly running and would require frequent application.” Otherwise, Whelan says it’s a timeless look that can be worn year round, day and night on many women.

And formula matters. The ultimate liner to use for the waterline is a kohl kajal pencil, sharpened after every use (clean your sharpener regularly!) and sprayed with 99% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize it. “Kajal pencils are more pigmented and less waxy than your traditional liner and they glide along the waterline without causing irritation to this delicate area.” Stay away from gel or liquid liners that will be irritating and difficult to use. Always start by running a clean cotton swab along the waterline to remove wetness, before gently pulling the lid downward and tracing the waterline back and forth.

To achieve a sort of wide-eyed Zooey Deschanel look, line the waterline with Pure White Kajal eyeliner, add a soft peach eye shadow (Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadow in Heart of Gold), a touch of gold eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye, and a coat of Rimmel London Sexy Curves Full Body Mascara to the top lashes only. With this, “you’ll be able to fake a great night’s sleep.” A dark kajal liner, like Jet Black or navy, is the perfect finishing touch to a smoky eye, along with smudged liner on the top and bottom and extra Volume Flash ScandalEyes Mascara.
And to really accent your lash line—and give your friends lash envy!—while also giving lashes a volume boost, line the top waterline. “This is one of the top-secret makeup artist tricks we use on photo shoots.” Make sure to get the kohl formula—in black or dark brown—at the base of the lashes, filling in any spaces between your lashes. After all, “a woman who can line her waterline properly is a woman who knows her makeup”—and all the secrets about what it can do.