Straight, center-parted hair gets an update with a glassy finish

Trade in your loose waves for ’90s-inspired pin-straight hair, this time updated with a brilliantly reflective sheen. Everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow and Zoe Saldana to Mary-Kate Olsen and model Joan Smalls (not to mention numerous 2012 runways) has been sporting this revived look, keeping it simple and sophisticated. “Sleek, straight, long hair is making a comeback because woman are feeling rebellious and designers aren’t making flowy clothes,” says stylist and creative director for Privé products and salons Chase Kusero. “Hair follows fashion.”

One’s mane should be worn with a center (or “just slightly off center”) part for this look, notes Kusero—“no more side parts.” To channel this model-esque aesthetic at home, Kusero recommends investing in a flat brush, like one by Mason Pearson, and a good blow dryer (he likes Parlux). “Section hair into four parts and blow dry each section from roots to ends, melting each section into the previous to show the clean architecture of the haircut,” says Kusero. A thermal protection spray like Privé’s will protect the hair from heat, reducing flyaways which would detract from the brilliant finish needed for this look. Also use a relaxing gel in damp hair if needed. And polish off your efforts with Privé’s Flash Brillance from mid-shaft to ends after hair is dry and cool to reflect light and leave it looking naturally sleek. “Flash Brillance has just the right amount of oil to leave hair looking glassy and healthy,” adds the hair styling extraordinaire.

Kusero notes that although this look calls for bone-straight hair, it still needs to have movement, so minimize the use of a flat iron so hair won’t look dull or lifeless. “Plus, clip-in extensions are a girl’s friend with this look to enhance length for a more dramatic sleekness as well as adding fullness to the polished straight finish,” says Kusero. “There is no sharper statement than shiny, bone straight locks—it’s deadly during the day or at night.”

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