This season, seeing the world from chrome-colored lids—sometimes accented by swipes of vibrant pigment—is all the rage

Silver isn’t always second best, as in the Olympics. In makeup, it’s a shade that almost everyone—80% of women, to be more exact, according to Dior celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson—can and should experiment with wearing. “I think we are seeing a return to metallic chrome makeup because it has been gone for a while,” says Wilson of the shadow shade that recently stood out on catwalks for Chanel and Paco Rabanne. “This is the perfect time to bring it back—it’s very eye-catching and easy to wear and use.”

There’s the beautiful, simple, classic silver lid with black liner and mascara, he says (which is “perfect for eyes that look tired as it’s very eye-opening”), and then there are versions that push the envelope quite a bit, as did Dior’s recent Haute Couture show, where Pat McGrath painted a stark silver cat-eye accented with various neon liners—pink, lime, cobalt—on models. The striking look worked perfectly by adding a splash of color for subtle shock value, and who doesn’t want to make a chic statement? To scale it down for real life, Wilson suggests focusing on the shape and color intensity: “Use a soft petal pink instead of fuchsia, paired with a metallic silver liner or shadow for going out.” (When buying silver shades, be sure they aren’t too blue by taking a flash photo to see how it photographs.)

Another evening option is a more literal translation of the Dior runway: a winged silver cat eye. “I start by placing the highlight shimmer from the Smoky Design Dior 5-Couleurs Designer Palette under the brow and blending the light silver along the whole eyelid. Finish the look with a bit of the darker gray on the outer corner of the eye, sweeping it beyond the eye toward the end of the brow. Next, I add lots of liquid Style Liner, Diorshow Black Out Mascara and a pair of half lashes to the outer corner of the eye to give added drama.”

The makeup artist prefers the rest of the face to stay rather plain, but the lips can depend on the look—“soft and nude or bright and bold.” When bold is your M.O., try introducing a color to the eye. “I love adding blue to silver,” says Wilson. “A nice bright blue liner or even a dark navy looks great, or you can add Diorshow Mascara in Azure Blue for a nice summer look.” And pulling off a chrome eye isn’t dictated by skin color—Wilson loves it on all skin tones, but advises when applying keep in mind that the darker the skin, the brighter the metallic will look—but more by personality. “[The wearer] has to be bold, audacious and confident in wearing her makeup.”