The wardrobe stylist and author of “Closet Control” dishes on what beauty products she keeps close at hand

Barbra HorowitzMorning routine:
At 45, less is definitely more when it comes to makeup, but not when it comes to my dry skin. I cleanse, tone, use serum, sunscreen, a tinted moisturizer and eye cream. I brush minerals on with more sunscreen, use a little blush, do my eyebrows, add lip gloss and go.

Overnight skin ritual:
Since I am so good in the morning I can sometimes be really bad at night. But I do love a good towlette makeup remover with a rich, heavy night cream that my skin will drink, topped off with eye cream.

Who cuts/colors your hair:
If I were to have to commit to who I am more attached to between my dogs, boyfriend and hair dresser, it would be a tight race. Afshin Ahmadi at Estilo Salon has been cutting and coloring my hair since 1995 and is in fact my go-to glam god for all my clients. Afshin prescribes a rock ‘n’ roll pretty and go type of styling. He just gets my hair and if you sit in his chair he wants you to look like a girl he would want to date—he gives good sleepover hair.

Hair habit:
I wash my hair every day but don’t always weigh it down with shampoo and conditioner. It’s left over from my days of being a modeling agent. Models were to go to shoots camera-ready with dirty hair and that is something I steer clients both men and women toward. Bed head is the best.

Favorite eye look:
I’m forever wishing I will come back Asian in my next life. I love to darken the inside of my tiny eyes and line the inside of my rim only. My eyes droop with mascara and eyeliner if I try to rim underneath, so just lining the inside actually opens up my dark brown eyes.

Go-to lipstick:
It’s gotta be a gloss to help shine up my dry skin and keep me looking dewy.

Nail color of the moment:
I’m loving bright red nails in gel. I have super-duper strong nails and the happy red shade and long length reminds me of my first formal in high school. Yep, ‘80s.

Signature scent:
I love anything fig, but I used to be a citrus/sandalwood girl.

“Never without” product:
I’m never without a pedicure.

Secret to staying young and beautiful:
It’s more like a secret to staying ageless and immature—good genes from my parents. I love a good body scrub, major body lotion, plenty of cocktails and being happy with getting older versus trying to fight it.


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