Good hair doesn’t always mean hours in a chair—take it from Robert Vetica, who shares chic five-minute hairstyles

Just as with our makeup routines, it’s easy to get stuck in a hair rut thanks to lack of time and a dearth of inspiration. But while the simplest morning time-saver might seem to be blown out and down, celebrity hair stylist and author Robert Vetica disagrees. “It’s easy, very simple,” says the guru behind Salma Hayek’s and Marion Cotillard’s locks of the practicality of accomplishing a great hairstyle at home in under five minutes. Sometimes it’s a matter of simply changing one’s part: “Parts do define style; the lower [toward the ear] the side part, the more dramatic it becomes.”

Updos are now deconstructed, making them simpler to copy at home and more appropriate for work and play, while ponytails are chicer than ever. One of Vetica’s favorite quick styles starts with a simple ponytail—low for a ballerina-esque look, in the middle if you’re 40-plus, or high on your head if you have more courage. Then, “backcomb the ponytail with a wide-tooth comb, scrunch it and secure the ends with a couple bobby pins.” Those with layers can pull front pieces out to add softness, while curly and wavy textures left as-is accomplish a similar romantic aesthetic. Before walking out the door, add a couple sprays of Moroccanoil Gold Glimmer Shine.

Swept into the aforementioned low side part, Vetica advises those with long hair to work a dime’s worth of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream through their ends before pulling it all back to one side tightly and winding it into a bun, secured with hairpins. Next, “loosen the front and let it drop—it’s really sexy, romantic and just a little messed up.” Additionally, braids are quick and easy—and on-trend—ways to spice up one’s look. “Grab the top half of the hair from ear to ear, backcomb to lift the root and put that into a braid.” Or, secure all your hair in a tight ponytail behind your left ear, braid it and then “throw the braid over the top of your head to the right ear and pin it with bobby pins” à la Nicole Richie.

Other great boons to the lightning-fast hairdo: accessories, from colorful clips to jeweled headbands. A proponent of hair jewelry, Vetica’s favorite designers include Untamed Petals and Jennifer Behr. “Don’t be afraid of hair accessories because those things really change everything,” he says. “They’re a no-brainer.”