Lancôme launches a new line of lipsticks for a younger, gloss-addicted generation

Vernis in Love

Lancôme's new collection of Vernis in Love nail polishes

Designed with a younger client in mind, the new Rouge in Love series of 24 richly pigmented lipsticks from Lancôme was created with lip-gloss lovers in mind. Fronted by spokeswoman and actress Emma Watson, the moisturizing and lightweight formula is an easy transition for those used to a thick coat of sticky gloss; the Rouge in Love collection wears for up to 6 hours without drying or mattifying and comes in a wide range of colors, from neutrals and browns to reds, corals, pinks and berry shades.

Organized into three moody micro collections, the Jolis Matins or “pretty morning” are bright and upbeat, perfect for daytime wear. The Boudoir Time colors are on-trend, punchy and wholly “It” hues for the upcoming season. These intensely bright shades set the tone for the night ahead, while the Tonight is My Night colors provide versatility like a deep, lacquered effect and saturated color.

Also in conjunction with the new lipsticks are a bevy of nail varnishes, 22 to be exact. The long-lasting lacquers now come with a high-precision applicator, which makes giving yourself a smooth and flawless at-home touch up possible. Polishes $15, Lipsticks $25