Hair extensions have gone from over-the-top voluptuous accessories to sleek and subtle with the so-called ballet technique

With the recent slew of celebrities cropping their hair to bobs and even shorter, thick, luscious, wavy hair extensions appear to have fallen from grace a bit. But surprise!—many still have them, they’re just blended better to create more natural movement and volume within the hair. One form of this chic new extensions style has been termed “ballet” by expert and owner of Beverly Hills’ The Private Room salon, Tina Dizon. “Ballet is a blending technique I use to create the most natural-looking extensions. The whole process is an art form, from customizing the colors, texture and length to the application—a complete performance from start to finish.”

Adds Dizon, “Extensions should never look like you’re wearing them; there should be a natural flow and movement from a client’s natural hair to their extensions.” When done right, a woman should be able to wear her hair up—say in a bun—without the faux additions being noticeable. Dizon accomplishes this with her signature technique of hot- and cold-bonded application for which she utilizes keratin polymer bonds that enable one’s own hair to “breathe” while the extensions become more flexible when wet or dry. “A lot of times extensions sit on a person’s head while their natural hair moves freely,” says Dizon. “I try to prevent that as much as possible.” Although according to the salon owner, women aren’t trying to hide the fact they have gone the false route: “Now women are almost proud to say they have extensions—it’s expensive, so it’s almost like a status symbol.”

It’s not just young girls idolizing the Kardashians’ or Taylor Swift’s thick manes adding on hair, it’s regular professional women who need to fix a bad cut, make their hair appear fuller or are in search of a quick change. Even those with abbreviated lengths can add volume via short extensions, and, “the growing-out phase is no longer necessary because extensions are more commonly used then,” says Dizon. With the ballet technique, it’s easy to accomplish this season’s on-trend sleek and straight look—think Demi Moore—without getting too big and voluminous. Says Dizon, “beautiful hair can definitely be compared to beautiful dance movement.”