Hair stylist and co-owner, Rock’Da’Fide

Amber GentryMorning routine:
I cleanse, moisturize and use helioplex sunscreen, a light moisturizing tint, concealer, blush, eyeliner and chapstick.

Overnight skin ritual:
Tweeze or wax, scrub and cleanser. Or if it’s been a late night, just makeup wipes. Plus witch hazel oil all over, eye serum and overnight cream.

Who cuts/colors your hair:
My business partner/best friend Jennifer Negrette does my extensions, and my roomie/best friend Jenny does my color. And I do my cut!

Hair habit:
For me less is more—I always let my hair air dry, then I’ll go over it with a curling iron or a flat iron, depending on the look. Also, if I’m going to have an early morning I’ll shower the night before and put my hair into to two wet braids and wake up with mermaid hair.

Favorite eye look:
I wear lash extensions so I feel I don’t have to wear much eye make up. All I do is smudge black or brown waterproof eyeliner on my lash line and inner lower lid and I’m ready to go. And it must be waterproof.

Go-to lipstick:
EOS lip balm—no lipstick for this lady!

Nail color of the moment:
Anything in earth to tones—I’m obsessed with ’70s-style long nails with a tan natural tone. French Touch is my favorite, and then anything dark on the toes.

Signature scent:
It’s always changing—Prada Infusion D’Iris is my current scent. It smells like a fresh shower, baby powder and mint.

“Never without” product:
Dental floss!

Secret to staying young and beautiful:
It’s really all about attitude—if you feel good and feel beautiful then that is exactly what the rest of the world will see. And if you need plastic surgery, fake hair, designer clothing, makeup or whatever you fancy to make you feel beautiful then do it! All those things don’t make you beautiful, they make you feel good and confident and that’s what people are reacting to. Oh and I will always be a kid a heart—I think that keeps me looking and feeling youthful.

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