The editorial makeup artist who’s worked with everyone from David LaChapelle to John Landis opens up about his own grooming secrets

Anthony GordonMorning routine:
I wake up and head straight to the coffee pot—I usually have Italian roast brewing—and then I read a morning meditation every day and sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes  minutes and think about the day ahead of me. Then I stretch and it’s off to the gym.

Overnight skin ritual:
I’m a huge fan of Lily.B skin products, I use it morning, day and night. They’re just perfect—not to heavy, not too light, totally effective and all natural. I could go on and on.

Who cuts your hair:
I cut my own hair—I clipper it with no guard or I shave it with a Schick Slim Twin razor.

Must-have hair products:
When I’m grooming a celeb, model or actor my favorite hairspray is L’oreal Elnett. Other must-have products are Superstar and Headrush shine spray by TiGi, and Sumo Wax and Styling Lotion by Bumble and Bumble.

Favorite grooming gadget:
I’m nuts about my Mangroomer—I think all men should have one. It’s perfect for getting rid of unwanted back hair, shoulder hair, etc., and the only thing wrong with it is I didn’t invent it!

Shaving secret:
Always use a hot moist towel first to soften the hair. Also, shave first in the direction the hair grows, then go back and shave against the direction of the hair to get the closest possibly shave.

To manicure or not?
I like to treat myself to a mani and pedi—a lot of people get so busy they forget to pamper themselves. It’s a quick, easy way to feel pampered and look well groomed.

Signature scent:
My signature scent is the original fragrance from Davidoff, Zino Davidoff.

“Never without” product:
My Lily.B skincare—I use it on myself religiously and on all my actors and models.

Secret to staying handsome:
The secret to staying handsome is to be happy, smile a lot and be kind to everyone you meet. Laugh a lot and you will be the most handsome man in the room—it’s infectious. Really nothing is more unattractive than a scowl and a bad attitude. Happiness is like a muscle, you have to exercise it and it always looks better when it’s flexed!


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